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Owning a car that’s just lying in a garage without being used is a big financial loss. However, you can reduce some loss by saving on the vehicle tax and insurance. This can be done by declaring the vehicle SORN.

SORN, Statutory Off Road Notification, is the term that describes the situation in which a vehicle is kept off the road and is not being currently driven. The situation cannot be assumed to have been accepted by the government as one needs to complete the forms and share with the government body to get the same approved by the DVLA. For any details, speak to the customer care representatives available at DVLA contact number at 0844 241 5511.

Registering the Vehicle as SORN

To register one’s vehicle as SORN, an individual needs to share either the 16-digit number on the vehicle tax reminder letter (V11) or the 11-digit number mentioned on the vehicle log book (V5C). One can apply for the same by filling the form online, calling the DVLA contact number or sending the completed form via post to the DVLA office.

An individual must apply for it via post if he has been recently registered as the vehicle’s keeper and has received the vehicle log book (V5C) in the current month or he has not yet been registered as the vehicle’s keeper. For assistance, call DVLA helpline at 0844 241 5511.

When to Apply for SORN?

An individual is required to get the SORN ready for his vehicle if it’s off the road in a private land, garage or on a drive. Mentioned below are a few mandatory situations in which one must make a SORN:

• The vehicle isn’t taxed.
• The vehicle isn’t insured even if it is for a short time.
• Interested in breaking down a vehiclein parts before scrapping it.
• Want to keep the newly bought vehicle off the road.
• Travelling abroad and leaving the car in the UK. In such situations, one can make a SORN up to two calendar months in advance. Make sure to include a letter explaining the situation.
In case you do not have a SORN, make sure that the vehicle is insured and taxed. If one misses out to do so, he will be automatically fined £80 for not having a SORN. There’s also a fine for having an uninsured vehicle. For more details, contact DVLA telephone number at 0844 241 5511.

DVLA SORN Fine and Appeal

If you have been fined for not taxing or insuring your vehicle or not updating the DVLA that you no longer have the vehicle, then you can appeal for this amount. This can be done if you have proofs that show that you have taxed your vehicle, had insurance for your vehicle and had already told DVLA that you no longer keep the vehicle. Make sure that the proof presented should be dated before the date of offence. For queries, call 0844 241 5511 where the DVLA customer care representative will available for help.

An appeal cannot be filed if an individual changes his address but didn’t tell DVLA, lost his paperwork or did never receive a reminder from DVLA, was not available when he had to tax, insure or register the vehicle as off the road (SORN) or missed a Direct Debit payment because of a problem with the bank.

If an individual misses to pay the fine, his vehicle could be clamped or crushed, the details could be passed to a debt collection agency or the case can also be taken to the court.

In case of any further queries or assistance regarding tax, insurance or making the vehicle SORN, please feel free to contact the DVLA contact number 0844 241 5511.


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